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We have recently received a small number of enquiries from residents regarding blocked drains on their property. For clarification, blocked drains (sewage and domestic waste water) are not the responsibility of the Company.


The service provider is Anglian Water and you should contact them; their contact details should be on the documentation you receive from them each year.


Similarly, the Company does not deal with domestic water supply to or around your property; this is the responsibility of Yorkshire Water and their contact details will be on the documentation provided by them.


Please do not contact Crozier Jones with drain or domestic water related issues.


Many thanks.

Welcome to the new Hayfield Green Residents' website.

After a few years absence the residents' website is back; we hope you like it.


As we are a resdients company, the main purpose of the website is to act as a quick and efficient means of communication between the company directors and shareholders. It may be that not all shareholders have access to the internet and therefore the webiste; for that reason key information will be available upon request via Crozier Jones. It is hoped however that those of you who do visit the website will keep your fellow residents up to date just in case they've missed something.


We hope the website will evolve over time and become a useful source of information. Ideas and suggestions are welcome but please remember, the directors are volunteers and not full time web developers.


We also have a new email address which you can find on the 'Contact' page so please have a look round and get in touch.

Spring is here and we see the estate at its best.

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